@thebohocloset is slowly coming together! I will be adding a few of my favorite jewels I’ve been holding on to for a while, but I know will be {so} loved in there new homes! I’ve also got lots of clothing & accessories being added daily » go check it out! ✌️💕🌸 (at The Boho Closet ✌️💕🌸)
18th Apr 201401:02
#OOTD: Joes Jeans, Mink Pink, Paint The Town Me, & Native Hearts ✌️☀️ tap for outfit details!
17th Apr 201411:271 note
I am so excited to announce my second insta » @thebohocloset 💕🌸 this insta will be filled with pieces from my personal wardrobe & accessories collection! I am beginning to upload pieces to the page now..head on over & get the details ✌️ (at The Boho Closet ✌️💕🌸)
16th Apr 201418:40
New babes on the block 🙌😘💕 (at Native Hearts Studio)
16th Apr 201417:46
•101 Power Crystals• First one I’m reading about is AGATE » it’s legendary power: said to symbolize wealth, health, & longevity. Old ancient healing powers: Travelers in the Arabian and African deserts sucked agates to overcome the effects of thirst. Nowadays healers use agate to stabilize the physical body & aura. The transformational power: agate puts you in touch with your inner self. By promoting self-acceptance and forgiveness, agate increases receptivity to spiritual currents in your life. I have lots of agate just waiting to be created into a one of a kind piece for you » let me know if your interested in using an amazing stone like agate for your custom piece! ✌️💕 (at •101 Power Crystals•)
15th Apr 201414:03
Quick pic of some cute new Labradorite earrings hitting the shop tomorrow! ✌️💚  (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
14th Apr 201411:25
New DREAMY hitting the shop today! In love with this stalactite dreamy collection 🙌💜 more to come!!!  (at Native Hearts Studio)
11th Apr 201415:15
I’ve had this beauty for less than a week & two more flowers have already bloomed! 🌵🌺🙌☀️ (at Native Hearts Garden 🌵☀💗)
11th Apr 201413:42
••1 Wild Child wrap left 🙌☀️🌸💕head on over to my Etsy shop to check it out www.shopnativehearts.com•• (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
10th Apr 201414:08
I just had to share the back details of my outfit » ok I’m done for the night 😊🌙✌️🌺
9th Apr 201422:19
Opaque  by  andbamnan