24th Jul 201415:59
• front door happiness // in love with my turquoise front door + loads of succulents! • 💕🌸🌵🌱
21st Jul 201421:38
Last beauty of the $10 bracelet bunch! This one is a gorgeous purple agate with hints of browns. Free domestic shipping with this bracelet & the other three! Go check it out 🙌🌟 (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
21st Jul 201414:45
➳ The Jasper bracelet is to die for! $10 and now available in the shop. **not to mention free domestic shipping with this bracelet! 🌸 (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
20th Jul 201414:57
➳ This stone is unknown {please shout out the name if you know it!} $10 + available in shop now! 💕 (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
20th Jul 201414:19
• new bracelets — $10 ea hitting the shop today! • this one has a gorgeous Fluorite stone 😍  (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
20th Jul 201413:36
Close up • handcuff + quartz lariat  (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
18th Jul 201423:17
New design I got inspired to make today 🙌💕🌸 hitting the site now!  (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
18th Jul 201423:12
Just got my first @julepmaven box! Pretty much in love with all three nail colors. Can’t wait until next month!! 🙌💕🌟
16th Jul 201419:10
It’s moving day for me!! Which means I need to get rid of some jewels to make room for more at the new casa! This weekend take 20% off your entire purchase by using coupon code ➳ CASA20 at checkout. Wish me luck! 💕✌️🌸 (at www.shopnativehearts.com ❁♡ )
12th Jul 201412:17
Opaque  by  andbamnan